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Simple and Traditional Solutions

Our investment service is simple and is designed around five risk-based profiles (low risk through to high risk) with three key ingredients. We use well established, independent industry benchmarks to provide the initial framework for each profile and apply a tolerance subject to minimum and maximum allocations.

In order to help to generate the investment return for each profile, we diversify portfolios by investing in different types of:

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Geographical Regions

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Industrial Sectors

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Investment Styles

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Liquid Investments

We then manage the portfolio on an ongoing basis to make sure that it continues to reflect the risk and objective requirements. We only change investments when we feel that change is necessary. This helps to reduce costs, which in turn, aids performance.

Other Features Include

Other features include:

  • No small, short-term asset allocation changes
  • Typically 15 – 25 underlying portfolio holdings
  • A diverse mix of collective investment types
  • We use managers with proven, consistent long term track records
  • Exposure to long term investment themes
  • We only buy investments that we can understand

Find out more about the services that we offer for clients and advisers below:

Our Services

At Corrival Capital Management our services can be accessed in three ways, depending on the portfolio value, the level of service required and the personal circumstances of the client. The three options are as follows: