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Our services have been designed to appeal to everyday life individuals, just like you

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We’re In This Together

We’re not distracted by the challenges that can come with running big businesses. We simply focus on what we think you pay us to do, which is to manage your portfolio positioning, investment selection, ongoing monitoring and risk. Everything we do is designed to produce good outcomes for clients and advisers that choose to work with us.

Making Your Portfolio Come To Life

We know that not everyone with investments finds them as exciting as we do but we want you to be interested in what is in your portfolio. We do this by:

  • Communicating clearly and without investment jargon
  • Making your portfolio come alive when we present to you so that you want to see us again
  • Including exposure to everyday, understandable themes within your portfolio
  • Revealing the companies and well-known brands included in the investments you hold
  • Regular digital reporting combined with on-line access so that you can look at your portfolio whenever you want to

Why We’re Different

We think you will be reassured to know that:

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No Incentive To Deal

We make no money by changing investments in your portfolio

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No In-House Funds

We have no in-house funds and therefore no temptation to buy them

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Capped Charges

We have capped our annual management charges for each of our services

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No Stakeholders

We have no external stakeholders to satisfy

Becoming A Client

We sit down with you and/or your professional adviser and learn basic details about you, what you are looking to achieve and what is important to you. This gives us the outline of the portfolio that we can build for you and then our investment process takes over.

We will provide a short personal investment report which includes information about you, us, what we do, how we do it, the service and what it costs. You can then decide if it is right for you.